3:00 p.m. March 31, 2022

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Lenos partners with Google and seals a deal for lower bids youtube ads campaign, allowing customers even more favorable prices

After several days of conversations between Google and Lenos, they finally agreed on this important deal that can help reduce the prices of advertisements for YouTubers and their customers. The Lenos spokesperson Jay Martin said that their prime motive has always been to deliver quality services to their customers and this deal takes the company one step ahead in serving them.

Youtube ads have always been a very attractive way of promoting products and services for the marketers around the world. That’s because youtube has a very huge audience. Jay explains how Lenos has been helping Youtubers to scale the growth of their channel which in turn helps them to reach more and more people around the world. Now with lower prices on ads, Lenos is certain that its customers with be able to not only reach more people but also communicate their message more effectively to them.

A spokesperson from Google, who doesn’t want to be named, expresses happiness on the deal finally reaching a favourable conclusion after days of negotiations. He mentions that Google is optimistic about the deal and looks forwards to providing better online platforms to the people around the world with each and every step.

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